Who needs GPS ?

As I said in my previous post, I wasn’t able to get a sim card from Australia. So after I got into the apartment, I connected to GPRS and checked the google map from my phone. Damn ! I forgot that I am using data roaming and charges around 100 times the normal charges. So […]

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Riding the roller coasters ~

I have to admit, the motive behind the whole trip was to ride the awesome roller coasters. There were few and we did ride them more than once. But I would limit my posts to only talk about the best ones, which were the 4D Transformers, under ground pyramid and the human vs cyclone. When […]

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Landing in Singapore

It was late May 2013, when I suddenly decided to go for a small vacation in Singapore with my buddies. It was a sudden decision, but in a matter of days, we landed in Singapore with no plans what so ever. It was just after our final exams at university, so only target in our […]

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